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What is electrification?

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At present, there are three types of train traction in China: steam locomotive traction, diesel locomotive traction and electric locomotive traction. The railway that uses electric locomotive traction train is called electrified railway. Electric traction has the characteristics of large horsepower, high speed, low energy consumption and high efficiency. The section using electric traction has significantly improved transportation capacity and greatly reduced transportation costs. At the same time, locomotive performance and working conditions are better than diesel locomotives. It is the future development direction of China's railway traction power.

First, the status and development of electric traction in railway transportation

Railway transportation occupies an important position in the national economy, is the main artery of the national economy, and is one of the three pillar industries of the national economy. The overall goal of China's railway technology development is to realize railway modernization. The key development direction is rapid and high-speed passenger transportation, heavy-duty and rapid transportation of goods, systemization of safety equipment, modernization of traction power... Gradually establish a railway with Chinese characteristics. Technical system. The main technical policies of the railway also clearly pointed out that it is necessary to vigorously develop the traction technology of electric locomotives and actively increase the proportion of the conversion turnover of electric traction. Electric locomotive traction should be adopted on high-speed railway, coal transportation line, busy trunk line and long ramp, long tunnel, high altitude area; actively develop AC drive technology, and gradually complete the conversion of DC drive to AC drive. Actively develop high-speed passenger trains. It can be foreseen that the task of electric traction in China's railway transportation will be more and more large, and the railway electrification industry will have a rapid development. In addition to the application of railway trunk lines, electric locomotives play an increasingly important role in urban transportation (including suburban electric vehicles, underground railway electric vehicles, ground trams) and industrial and mining enterprises.

Electric traction Since the World Expo held in Berlin in May 1879, Siemens and Halsk have exhibited the world's first 300m long electrified railway. It has been more than 100 years old. In the early stage of electric traction development, mainly using direct current

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